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Datuk V works on getting name out of Interpol’s list

8 August, 2007

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Vijayeswaran S. Vijayaratnam is back home. After spending three weeks in a lock-up and another two months under house arrest in an apartment, he was cleared by the district court of south Jakarta.

The 46-year-old group managing director of QI Limited found his name and photograph in Interpol’s Red Notice following police reports lodged by two of his Filipino partners.

He was arrested in Jakarta on May 3 this year.

He was brought to the district court for an extradition hearing to move him to the Philippines to face charges in connection with a US$50 million (about RM170 million) alleged fraud case dating back nine years.

"I was optimistic that justice will prevail as I am innocent. Although it took three months to clear my name, I was willing to wait for the law to take its course," he said.

He was released on July 31 after the court rejected an extradition order on the grounds that the matter was a civil case involving a financial agreement.

Vijayeswaran said, initially, the police were harsh and rude.

"They treated me like a criminal even though they had little idea of what the case was all about. My arrest was based on information from the Interpol and had nothing to do with my business activities in Indonesia."

He added that when the authorities received more information from the Philippines, including the fact that the fraud case was 10 years old, the authorities were kinder and allowed him to move into an apartment within the police complex.

He held meetings with friends and associates at the apartment as security was lax and people were allowed to visit him. His wife, who arrived from Kuala Lumpur stayed in the apartment during his "house arrest".

He said his lawyers were working towards removing his name from the Interpol Red Notice.

He said while in Jakarta, more allegations were heaped on him, including that he had cheated former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur and his family.

Vijayeswaran was alleged to have used his multi-level marketing network to solicit funds from followers of Nahdlatul Ulama.

"Some people in Jakarta wanted to see me fall. Gus Dur eventually came forward to clear the air."

Vijayeswaran’s company, which is based in Hong Kong, has branches in 30 countries, from Australia to Brazil. Its regional office is in Petaling Jaya.

It is a multinational multi-level marketing company with 2.5 million customers world- wide.

He is also an author and motivational speaker.

After the court’s decision on July 31, an elated Vijayeswaran and his wife went to the apartment and started packing their bags immediately. They caught a flight to Kuala Lumpur the next day.

"The police sent us off to the airport, which was a nice gesture.

"During my detention, I embarked on a health regime — swimming 50 to 60 laps a day and working out in the gymnasium in the apartment."

Vijayeswaran, who said that he wants to move on with his life, was unhappy about certain press reports.

"I was disappointed with some press reports about me. The facts were wrong."

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Datuk wanted in RM308m fraud case
By : Alang Bendahara
KUALA LUMPUR: Businessman Datuk Vijayeswaran S. Vijayaratnam, who was arrested in Jakarta last week, is wanted in connection with a US$90 million (RM308m) fraud case in the Philippines.

Indonesian police are co-ordinating with their Filipino counterparts to extradite him to Quezon City where a warrant of arrest has been issued against him for a nine-year-old case.

The warrant is for fraud and conspiracy, according to the Interpol website.

The 46-year-old is the group managing director of QI Limited, which is based in Hong Kong with branches in 30 countries from Australia to Brazil. Its regional office in Malaysia is in Petaling Jaya.

According to sources close to Vijayeswaran, the businessman had ventured into a business deal in the Philippines in 1998, but it turned sour.
His Filipino partners allegedly filed a civil suit against him. This was eventually converted into a criminal case. It is learnt that there is no bail for the charges.

At press time, his lawyers and senior company officials, who are in Jakarta, were fighting moves to extradite him.

Vijayeswaran, who was awarded a Datukship from Pahang, was posted on Interpol’s wanted list on April 2 under the "red notice".

The "red notice" circulates the warrant worldwide with the request that the wanted person be arrested for the purpose of extradition.

On Thursday night, Vijayeswaran was picked up by police in Jakarta, along with three senior personnel of QI Limited, at a five-star hotel.

The three were identified as Joseph Bismark, Donna Marie Imson and Tagumpay Kintanar, all from the Philippines.

It is learnt that after his failed business bid in 1998, Vijayeswaran started QI Limited.

According to its website, QI Limited is a diversified organisation involved in varied business sectors, including retailing, travel and leisure, luxury products, interactive marketing, telecom and technology products, financial services, corporate investments, media, training, education and business consulting.

The company also made a name for itself as one of the world’s largest providers of limited-edition numismatics, fine gold and diamond jewellery, as well as "distinctive timepieces and stylish writing instruments".

As more QI subsidiaries have emerged, QuestNet was created to support the group’s burgeoning customer base.

Vijayeswaran ventured back to Malaysia by investing in several state and federal projects.

In 2000, however, his company here, GoldQuest International, had a run-in with the law.

The company’s country ma- nager, Tony Teoh Boon Sir, was charged with operating a direct selling company without a valid licence.

It is learnt that the charge, filed by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, was dropped several years later.

Last night, QI group director of finance Richard E. Zinkiewicz issued a statement on the arrest of Vijayeswaran and three others, saying that to date, there had not been any hearing in any court on the entire merits of the case against any of the individuals.

"The case is currently pending further determination before the Court of Appeal in the Philippines.

"We wish to reiterate that the case is in no way related to the business activities of any of the companies of the group."

He also claimed that the issues relating to the matters reported, including in respect of Indonesia and one of QI’s businesses, had been overstated and inaccurate.

"We are certain that in due course, the truth will unfold and all events will be presented in their correct perspective as opposed to the regrettable manner in which they have currently been stated."

Zinkiewicz also confirmed that the company and its representatives were co-operating fully with Interpol in Indonesia on the matter.
Source:New Straits Times, Malaysia


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